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October 29, 2009

A Hands-On Proof of Lusin’s Theorem

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Today I’d like to share a cute proof I came up with. Actually this is one of those posts that have been in the oven for the last year and a half, while my wife and I have been busy getting married, travelling across Europe, moving into a new place, defending my MSc in Logic and then moving to Los Angeles. But, since I’m retaking basic Real Analysis as a requirement of the PhD program at UCLA, it seems adequate to revisit this little idea and finally post it.

The proofs I’ve seen of Lusin’s theorem go through Egorov’s theorem; that’s how Stein-Shakarchi, Folland and Wikipedia do it. I don’t feel it is a particularly elegant proof, and it produces a truncated version of Lusin’s theorem, which holds only for sets of finite measure. A simple \sigma-finiteness argument takes care of this shortcoming, but one is left with the feeling that Egorov’s theorem is our hammer, and we’re trying to see Lusin’s as a nail. Hence the motivation for a different proof. I hope you will also appreciate how there are no real obstacles in the route below; everything that needs to be done can be done nearly without thinking. (more…)


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