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Hello. I am Pietro, a brazilian student of logic and mathematics. Of course, like everybody else, I am much more than just that; but that is what will come through the most in these pages.

In this blog, I hope to share interesting things I come across in logic and math, which may not be widely known. Also, I may occasionally share a different way of thinking about well-known things, if I feel I have developed it enough, and it is uncommonly enough seen in mainstream sources like textbooks and papers. I find it enormously important for people to exchange their “inner ways” of thinking, rather than just the “outer” results they reach; communication becomes much clearer, more interesting, and conductive to progress. I thank Terry Tao, Tim Gowers , the n-Category Café and the Catsters for proving this point so forcefully.

Though I’m brazilian, I will be writing in english, simply because I will be understood by a larger number of people that way. It’s fine to be protective of one’s culture and language, but I feel this is simply not the place. If my experience on orkut is any indication, for every portuguese-speaking reader I lose, I will gain five readers from India.

Finally, the “kc” in this blog’s URL are my other initials.


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  1. Pietro, que fantástico esse blog que você criou!!
    Rapaz, interessante que outro dia estava pensando num teste maluco, onde as pessoas teriam suas áreas profissionais trocadas para testar as situações, por mera curiosidade mesmo. hehehehe

    Cheguei a conclusão de que, além da engenharia e exatas, vc se sairia um ótimo acadêmico de Direito, independente de ser advogado, juiz, promotor, etc, etc…

    Como vão as coisas aí em Campinas??

    Grande abraço!


    Comment by Marco — March 19, 2008 @ 4:45 am | Reply

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