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October 30, 2007

First post

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Hello. I am Pietro, a brazilian student of logic and mathematics. Of course, like everybody else, I am much more than just that; but that is what will come through the most in these pages.

In this blog, I hope to share interesting things I come across in logic and math, which may not be widely known. Also, I may occasionally share a different way of thinking about well-known things, if I feel I have developed it enough, and it is uncommonly enough seen in mainstream sources like textbooks and papers. I find it enormously important for people to exchange their “inner ways” of thinking, rather than just the “outer” results they reach; communication becomes much clearer, more interesting, and conductive to progress. I thank Terry Tao, Tim Gowers , the n-Category Café and the Catsters for proving this point so forcefully.

Though I’m brazilian, I will be writing in english, simply because I will be understood by a larger number of people that way. It’s fine to be protective of one’s culture and language, but I feel this is simply not the place. If my experience on orkut is any indication, for every portuguese-speaking reader I lose, I will gain five readers from India.

Finally, the “kc” in this blog’s URL are my other initials.


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